Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Smiles...tears...hidden fronteers

A tear...a fading smile appears on your frightened face
The memories that used to be are gone without a trace
I feel stranded here, back in my own nest
For you I always tried to do only what's the best

What about loving someone without established fronteers
What about believing that every smile hides some tears
What if those tears could heal all my bleeding scars
But what if those scars are as many as the falling stars?

Maybe a fading smile could make me dream again,
Or maybe my memories will help me win this foolish game
Maybe erasing all the past and denying the truth
Maybe that's the only way that'll make me feel like i should

But i guess my name is nothing but pain on your tongue
If i could turn back time, repair what used to be wrong
This is so hard for me, i just can't say 'Goodbye'
I can't believe your gone, i guess i need another lie

I wish i could go on without you here with me
Maybe i need someone that will set me free
Believing in some God that might suddenly appear
Just like a tear or a smile, behind those hidden fronteers...