Monday, June 29, 2009

Rock and roll sunday

This is it! We saw Limp Bizkit yesterday night. Although the day didn't start very nice, considering the fact that i had an exam, everything turned out to be be just great. After torturing my brain with all kind of mathematical stuff, i got a very nice reward. We got there (Arenele Romane) somewhere around 16.00 - 16.30, mainly because i was late :P There weren't a lot of people when we arrived but people started to come after Saga started playing.

At first, we decided to wait patiently in the back, somewhere in the shade, so we didn't get too involved in the Saga gig. Few minutes later i met with my good pal, Cristi, the wonder drummer, and our little gang started to get big =)

At 18.30 (or at least that's what i remember), Queensryche (i hope i typed that correctly) started to play. And the rain started to fall, but most of the people didn't seem to care about that. Queensryche had a nice gig, and they also played some tracks from their new album, but still, they weren't exactly my type, as i'm not in metal that much anymore.

Finally, around 21.00, the moment we've all been waiting for arrived. After a quick intro ( Space Odyssey), the Jacksonville quintette started to rock the house for one and a half hour.

They played all their classics, including My Generation, Livin' It Up, Hot Dog, Break Stuff, Boiler, Eat You Alive. Needless to say, the rain was ignored by all the 3000 people that were present at the gig. Wes Borland was in top shape, running around all the time, making me think how the hell is he able to play the guitar with all that jumping, and running and everything. Wes is the man!

John Otto was on the spot and he even offered a short drum solo (too short maybe). Groovy beats, perfect timing, everything you want at a drummer. Dj Lethal spinned his 'wheels' like no one else, giving us some funny moments too.

Sam Rivers was showing of with his lil' Warwick streamer and those cute little led on the fretboard, that usually add about 800€ to the bass' price :))

And, now, last but not least, Fred Durst. The guy was in top shape. He was all over the stage and he really seemed happy to be here, although it was kinda hard to believe that. Following his Twitter, i saw that he was delighted with the landscapes here, so maybe, he really felt good. I know we did.

Fred Durst, Limp Bizkit Live @ Bucharest from bogdi cristea on Vimeo.

His most memorable words were : 'This is not a concert. This is a party. We're here to party with you'...or something like that =)

After the gig ended, we got in Willy's car, listened to some Bizkit tracks, cuz you can never have enough, and, soaking wet, we headed towards my place for a good night sleep. Knowing that the bizkits were staying at a hotel right accross the street, we rushed into the street when we heard a bunch of dudes shouting and whistling. But, false alarm.

Anyway, the gig was great, and the fact that i was there with my buddies Dome, Willy, Dana (who can't be seen in the pic, cause she had the task of taking it)and my beloved cousin Boby made it even better.

And now...waiting for Faith No More, on the 15th of August. Until then, NIN/Prodigy/other Coke Live Peninsula bands, here we come \m/

Almost forgot...Here's a short quality is not the best, but, at least i'm trying to share :P and yes, they are starting to play AC/DC's Highway to Hell towards the end :D

Limp Bizkit - My Way live @ Bucharest from bogdi cristea on Vimeo.

Cheerioz mates!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weird stuff happen in the big city pt.2

Another day, yet, the same lady harassing cars =)

Now off to study!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Weird stuff happen in the big city

So there i was, hanging around the windows, with absolutely no suicidal intentions whatsoever, and i couldn't help noticing this old lady who had something to share with the cars. It's been like 2 hourse since she's there and I'd really like to know if she's playing tag with the parked cars, or if she just want to suck the energy out of the car's battery =)

And yet, another victim (ignore big white panel)

She might go for the world record of touched cars in one day.

p.s. New band iz ready! Rehearsals soon.

p.s. no. 2 :6 days, and we gonna see limp bizkit.

Rakendroooooll \m/

Monday, June 1, 2009

Faith No More 'teaser'

It's good to know FNM are coming. Actually, can't wait for the concert, although it means more money, but what the heck. I'm not gonna miss it. So, in order to serve my appetite (yours too) here are a few FNM live performances, taken from their 1997 gig in Phoenix.

Rakendroll \m/

P.S. : Only 27 days to go 'til Limp Bizkit, and 75 (i guess) until Faith No More.