Saturday, June 21, 2008


hap·pi·ness hæp i nɪs/ Pronunciation Key - [hap-ee-nis –noun
the quality or state of being happy.

good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy.

So…what is happiness? What makes us happy and why can’t we always be happy?
There are over 6.600.000.000 people in this world and maybe even more definitions for this state we like to call ‘happiness’…Each and every one of us has his or her own definition, but, as a general term, we all consider it to be something good that comes out of nowhere…
Some may think that happiness is when you get a new car, or buy some fancy new shoes, when you go to the mall and stare to all those expensive ‘i-can’t-afford’ merchandise and some might think that happiness is when you spend time with someone you love and who means the whole world for you.
I once read somewhere ‘You can’t get happiness if you don’t provide it’, and I gotta say I can’t agree more…Sure, ar first, you will just seem to get along with the fact that everyone around you will try to help you and so, in other words, they’ll try to make you happy…You might never think that, you know, in their human stupidity, they might expect you to do something for them, although they’ll never say it, whether because they are ashamed, or maybe just because they believe you have a sense of rationality. Anyway, the point is that someday, they will need your help…it’s absolutely guaranteed that someday they will need a hand and that they will expect YOU to offer that hand.. But no, why would you do that? Once again, they won’t come and say ‘Hey man, I really need your help’…no..maybe they’ll try to shove it up your posterior (I used a nice word) in the most elegant way they could possibly do it..’Man, something awful happened to me <>, I wish someone could help me’…and you’ll say ‘yea man…I hope you find someone’…WRONG!! You’ll get away from it, pull yourself out of it…but you won’t get rid of it…As kind as this world may seem to be, there will be someone who will tell you that maybe they needed you, but you weren’t there…you’ll feel miserable, no doubts about it…and where would your happiness be right now? Nowhere…YOU CAN’T HAVE HAPPINESS IF YOU DON’T PROVIDE IT…
Jimmy has a new car…he is happy…Billy has a son…he is also happy…Jimmy will be angry when he’ll get drunk and will hit a tree that suddenly appeared between alcoohol steams and jumped in front of him…Who cares? He has insurance…he didn’t pay all that money for nothing… Billy will be grateful when he’ll get drunk and his son will cry because of that…he’ll know that what he did was wrong, and that the tears on his son’s cheeks mean a lot more than a tone of metal spread all over the highway. Billy will know he was wrong, but Jimmy’s friggin insurance company won’t say that…Naaah, as a matter of fact, they might encourage him to do that again…What the hell? Money comes from that…So, in the end, who’s happy? The one who knows he made a mistake, or the one who relies on the insurance company? So…what is happiness? Sure, you’re happy when you purchase something, you’re happy when you graduate, when get married, you’re happy when your son is born, when he makes his first steps, your happy when you move I a bigger house and you know that your child has a roof above his head, you’re happy for his first diploma…you’re happy when he’ll meet his true love, but you’re also happy when he buys his own flat, or his own car… Happiness is a general thing…it doesn’t have anything to do with material or spiritual, but with both…no matter what you do, you can’t have one without the other, and when someone says that money don’t bring happiness, slap him, but in the same time, kiss his forehead for the wise thing he just said…

‘You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.’ (Albert Camus)

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