Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The terror beyond my door

You're often being amazed about what people can do, the way the think and act, and especially the things that they say, even if they mean them or not. I don't know what was the beginning of this story, but I witnessed a small part of it, although I was hiding behind my very modern looking wooden door :P. I never thought that the things we see on TV can actually be seen in real life, and even if they could be, not so close to me. We all saw those TV shows were a mother and her son have a little argue,each of them throwing nasty words towards each other, but the thing i saw today left me speechless. I'm not capable of judging anyone, and I'll try not, but i'm free to express my opinion. How could two human beings who share the same blood throw death treathenings to each other? How could your son, the one that you, as a mother, gave birth to, start to yell at you and want to throw you out of the house? How could you, as a son, hit your own father, step father, doesn't matter, one that helped you become what you are today? How could a mother have the heart to say that she'll murder her son and his wife with her own hands? For the love of God, calling the police to come after your own mother/son? It'll be an episode that i won't be able to forget too soon, although i wasn't involved at all, but still, what kind of monster can you be? Everytime i see a movie in which parents and their sons/daughters don't get along, I say that this wouldn't be possible. In moments like this i'm grateful that I have a very good relationship with my folks, and boy do I love them. I couldn't never imagine me doing that to them, or them doing that to me. I think that today's 'seed' were the money...and when a family is falling apart because of those little printed paper notes, you definetly know that they have no heart whatsoever...Being far away from home, I started to appreciate everything that my folks did, do, and will do for me, and after this episode, I swear I'll never raise my voice when I'll talk to them. The humanity...I'm calling my folks right now, I miss them...

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intomyownparade said...

Hey there mate and neighbour!
Nu stiam ca mai postezi pe blog..therefore ca sa pot sa catch up am zis ca o sa te pun la blogroll =) ..if you dont mind of course.

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