Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good things happen to good people :P

Well...i thought it would be nice to post something around here once in a while, so I decided to let the world know (yea right) what's new around... I finally moved, getting rid of the small town circus i took part in at my old place. Now i can really say that 'there's no place like home'. One of the best parts is that...well, the others are not here anymore, so no more bugging for me, no more people asking for a light at freakin 8.30 am, no more other dumb shit i was trying to ignore back then. Thanks to my good friend and band mate, the artist formerly known as virus :)), here's a little something from the top of my building!

Voila! (you may wanna click the pic to enlarge it )

Judging by the fact that i didn't post about this, i recently bought a new guitar, a Schecter 006 Deluxe, for those who care, and if I reached his subject, well...TA-DAA, F[u] will be recording (or at least we'll try to) a little something we'd like to call an album. It's gonna be rockish/industrialish/drum and base-ish, we have no idea yet, but we will soon start working on it and we're hoping for the best. Speaking of F[u], we can go underwater in Herastrau \m/ :)) (although it's kinda hard to get the point here...there's a sticker under the water...smart, huh?)

And, on the same subject, still being happy for the fact that Faith No More made their reunion official, they'll be coming at Nova Rock, along with bands like Limp Bizkit, SlipKnot, Nine Inch Nails, Sevendust, All That Remains, Disturbed and so on...Metallica too, but i'm not too excited about that. Actually, i'm not excited at all, because i'll miss the festival, as exams are due to that period so..no cool gigs for me...Maybe at Sziget or Volt...or...who knows... (More info at http://www.novarock.at , http://www.sziget.hu )

And...this is all for now...Hope i'll have the mood to post something soon...It's a shame for me, as a wannabe blogger to post so..rarely or whatever the right word is :P


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