Thursday, October 1, 2009

Late night moments of wisdom

Anto: drum bun, dear
Bogdy: thank you, my beloved
Anto: me gonna go watch a muvi now
Anto: saluta bucurestiul
Anto: that is as lame as it sounded
Bogdy: sure
Bogdy: go
Bogdy: a movie is more important than your dear going away
Anto: can't do anything 'bout that now
Anto: can i have za permission?
Bogdy: sure
Bogdy: just
Bogdy: go
Bogdy: leave me in my nothingness
Bogdy: for i shall drown my sorrow in this cup that i raise upon my head
Bogdy: above
Bogdy: *
Anto: i can only promise a sea of beers.. when you return
Anto: ?
Bogdy: the bitter taste will only remind me of thy bitterness i have lived in this night
Anto: would you rather drink sth else?
Anto: my dearest?
Bogdy: why would we all think of drinking in this moment of sadness and grief?
Anto: it's one of the things that makes us happy... fast
Bogdy: but what is happiness, after all?
Bogdy: just the feeling of butterflies flying in your stomach
Bogdy: that nor the money, nor the fortunes will ever bring into thy life of a mortal one
Anto: and bats in your brain
Bogdy: dude, this british talkin shit really got to me
Bogdy: )
Anto: bogdi?
Bogdy: da?
Anto: plec ca ma sperii
Bogdy: i'll blog this

Tomorrow i'm off to the big city! Hope i'll survive.


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